Why I Am Already an Old Lady I

In many ways I am a young, hip, urban girl who's up with the latest jazz.  I know how to use the internet without bothering to care how it works, I wear ridiculous sunglasses, I am down with social media, and so on.  In so many other ways I am already an old lady.  One of the many ways I am an old lady is my unfortunate inability to follow internet memes or understand why they are good.

A few months ago I was hanging out with Roomie and some of her friends, and they were talking about LOLcats.  I had heard of these "LOLcats" before, but I never understood what they were.  Were they cats laughing?  Were they videos of hilarious cats?  Were they people dressed as cats holding signs that say "LOL"?  What were they?

I don't know if this is big enough for you to read, but this comic made me realize that LOLcats are a real thing and that I didn't understand them.  Unfortunately, it did not help explain them.  Also, I didn't get Rick Rolling...

Apparently, they are pictures people take of their cats and then write stupid, misspelled things in the on them that somehow relate to what the cat is doing.  Apparently the first one was a really fat cat saying "I can has cheezburger?"  Thus explaining why I kept hearing people say "I can has [insert random thing here]" and thinking it was hilarious.  Apparently, people were not satisfied with writing misspelled things on pictures of cats, but had to start creating LOLcat versions of things where they use all the bad grammar and typos and make a well-known piece of literature (ie: the Bible) "hilarious."  (Please read those quotation marks as incredibly judgmental and sarcastic.  Thanks!)

I understand that these misspellings are common typos and/or abbreviations people often use online, either by accident or on purpose.  Yes, I too occasionally type "teh" instead of "the", but then I correct it and move on.  If somehow, I don't catch the typo before posting something, I die of embarrassment inside and either fix it or publicly shame myself for it like any decent person would.  What I don't do is encourage it by creating an internet meme centered around it!

I also understand that cats are adorable and often hilarious.  I mean, what's funnier than this:
That hilarious video would have never been possible without a cat!  And what's more adorable than KITTEN WARS?  (PS: My baby Percy was a Winningest Kitten!  Take that!)  I just don't get what's so funny about this:

Do you?  Can you honestly tell me it's funny?  Granted this is probably a "bad" LOLcat, but I think that's like saying something is a "bad" Nickelback song.  I mean, really.

I also had to have Rick Rolling explained to me, and still don't think that's very funny either.

Because I am already an old lady.

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