More Adventures in Internet Dating

Here's my latest Plenty of Fish profile description for the social experiment (explanation and back-story):
I'm a fun loving, busy girl looking for someone to keep up!
I'm tall, active, and cute, am adventurous and like to keep busy. Into walks, dancing, parties, working hard and playing hard, shopping, going for dinner, pub nights, and the arts. I'm sarcastic and intelligent, and want someone who can carry a conversation and look good at the same time. You've got to keep up and keep me interested!
Personally, I think it makes me sound kind of generic and superficial, but I just got a message from a pretty cool seeming dude.  Why is it that when I write a profile that I think sounds awesome and totally like a person I'd want to date, I get nada, yet when I write a profile that's generic and superficial, I get cool dude.

Of course, that could just mean that he's not really a cool dude and is also generic and superficial but good at writing an interesting-sounding message.  Or maybe he actually is cool and saw that my pics still show me as having some personality because (alas and alack) I just couldn't find any truly generic pictures of myself to post on there, hard as I tried.  Seriously, I am weird or quirky or cutesy in every single picture ever taken of me.  I only look normal in group shots or pictures of me with the Former Boyfriend.  How is this possible?

Unfortunately, the possibility that this guy actually is a cool dude just makes me start to feel guilty about this whole social-experiment thing.  But then I noticed that he has a whole bunch of wrongly-spelled words in his profile, so the guilt faded a little.  Then I noticed that he is into forestry, which is pretty swell, so the guilt returned.  This is all moot anyways, because my Lady Friends and I are planning a really exciting online dating experiment for the summer that overshadows my meager experiment like a really big, cool mountain overshadows a small, lame hill.  More to come on that soon, this guy might be the first victim!  Although, again, the fact that he actually seems like a cool dude makes me feel unendingly guilty.  Until I look again at the bad spelling.  Oh the bad spelling!  At least he didn't use numbers and single letters to represent fully-sized words.  That would be the worst.

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