Dear Blogosphere

Dear bloggers/webcomic artists/other,

I have a google reader.  I love my google reader.  I only recently discovered how wonderful a  google reader can be when a Lady Friend explained it to me.  Yes, I needed to have it explained to me - don't judge.  Now I am hooked.  I am constantly adding new things to my google reader and removing the things I no longer find interesting or that update way too often for me to keep up with, thus causing me to feel inferior.  It is excellent.  It makes my life amazing.  I am a brand new person.

Here is my problem: some of you don't actually post anything to the feedburner or whatever the heck it is that makes things available to my google reader.  It will tell me when you've updated, but then I have to click the link to actually view the update.  This is inappropriate.  It defeats the whole purpose.  It makes me change websites and open a brand new tab and that feels like a lot of work.  My google reader is there to make my life easy, not to increase the amount of clicking I have to do!  Clicking is hard work!

I know it has something to do with your monetized blog or controlling the look and feel of what people read or what-crap-may-have-you.  I don't care.  Put ads in the body of your blog so it shows up in my feed if you have to.  I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO JUST MAKE SURE I DON'T HAVE TO CLICK ANYTHING EXTRA TO READ YOUR STUPID POST.

I have removed EVERYTHING from my reader that forces me to do this except for two sites: Cyanide and Happiness and Fart Party.  And that's only because I really like the comics.  And Fart Party almost never updates anymore so it's easier than checking back to the website and then being really disappointed when there's nothing there, because disappointment after extraneous clicking is WAY worse than mere extraneous clicking.

In conclusion, please stop making my life impossible by forcing me to click extra buttons to read your content.  I won't do it and then we both lose.

The end.

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