An Ode to Boyfriends

I would just like to express how glad I am that so many of my friends have boyfriends, and even husbands.

You see, boyfriends are handy to have around.  They drive when no one else wants to.  They are often better than I am at computer-related things.  They are also more likely to be good with cars than I am (although I can totally change the oil on any car.  Just hoist 'er up and I'll show you!)  They cook real food more often than I do, and feel compelled to share it.  There are many things that boyfriends are good at that I am not.  They also tend to be very helpful towards their girlfriend's friends.  It may be a search for brownie points, maybe they feel sorry for the singleton.  Whatever the case may be, I get a lot of side benefits from my friends having boyfriends.

I would like to clarify that these "side benefits" are in no way scandalous and that my friends always know they are happening.  Duly noted?  Thanks!

Interestingly, I do not get the same kind of side benefits from my friends' girlfriends.  I have a few theories as to why this is - are girlfriends generally more protective and less helpful?  Am I just good at the same kinds of things as the girlfriends so their help isn't needed*?  I just don't know.  All I know is that my happiness for my friends' girlfriends is much less selfish as I get nothing out of it.

In any case, I am glad my friends have boyfriends, not only for their personal happiness, but because it is helpful in my life.

*I am a pretty adamant feminist, so I do feel a good sized kick of guilt when I say something like this.  I am in no way implying that men and women are fundamentally different and only capable of being good at certain things.  I am merely observing the factual truth that, while boys who date my friends are often good at things I am bad at, girls who date my friends are often not.  Whether you want to blame this on genetics, religion, culture, fulfilled stereotypes, or anything else is entirely up to you.  I'm pretty sure it's a combo-platter of all of the above.

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