Prime Minister #2: Alexander Mackenzie

Name: Alexander Mackenzie
Alive: January 28, 1822 – April 17, 1892
Reign: November 7, 1873 - October 9, 1878
Born in: Logierait, Scotland
Party: Liberal
Known for: Being the first Liberal PM ever, overseeing the completion of the Parliament buildings, introducing the secret ballot, building a bunch of railroads.

Looked a lot like Abe Lincoln, no?  Pretty dreamy too, if you ask me.
Fun Facts:

A hopeless romantic, ol' Alex came to Canada because he was in love with a girl whose family was moving here!  He almost drowned after falling through frozen ice to see her once, but made it to her door, a shivering mouse of a man.  I bet she warmed him up that night, alright.  Someone needs to make a romantic comedy out of this, or one of those boring olden-times romance movies that people convince themselves is really good because of the corsets and petticoats and flowery language, but is really just full of violins telling you when to cry, and your eyes obey because they are stupid.

Another rags-to-riches story, Alex dropped out of school at 13 because his family was all poor and he was 3rd of 10 kids (talk about middle-child syndrome).  He was a stonemason and newspaper editor until someone said "Dude!  You should totally form a party and take down Sir Johnny!"  And he did.

He was the J-Lo of Prime Ministers - no matter how successful he was, he was still Alex from the Block, used to have a little, now he's got a lot, no matter where he goes, he knows where he came from (from Scotland!)  Seriously, he wouldn't even let them knight him.  That's for reals.  You could also liken him to Paul McCartney's Working Class Hero.

Was the first rider to have a dragon hatch for him, which is really the main reason why he defeated Sir John A. MacDonald.*

Hated being asked for money so much he had a secret second staircase (alliterative apologies) built out of the back of his office so he could escape anyone waiting to try to get some out of him.

Might be the reincarnated spirit of Alexander Mackenzie, the explorer.  I mean, I'm pretty sure most reincarnated spirits don't have the exact same name, but COME ON!  They were both Scottish!  And the PM-version was born two years after the explorer-version died.  Argue with that.

Argument: there were many other Scottish Alexander Mackenzies, including a violinist, architect, and an actor.  And those are just the ones listed as Scottish on Wikipedia.

*I probably stole that from Eragon.  There just aren't that many fun facts about his life.  Work with me.

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