Gary Coleman, RIP

Gary Coleman died today.  This is very sad news.  He is best known for his role on Different Strokes and for the line (I think) "Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis?"  I, on the other hand, only really know him from Avenue Q.  I'm not sure if it's disrespectful to reference this now that he's dead, because the show made him out to be a has-been, scummy landlord.  Then again, I am clearly not all that concerned with being respectful on here.  So with that in mind, here's my favourite Gary Coleman solo from Avenue Q, from the song "It Sucks to be Me."

I'm Gary Coleman
From TV's
Diff'rent Strokes
I made a lotta money
That got stolen
By my folks!
Now I'm broke and
I'm the butt
Of everyone's jokes,
But I'm here -
The Superintendent!
On Avenue Q -

(Then everyone else sings things like "It sucks to be you!" and "You win!  Your life is the worst!" and Gary does the thing where people talk instead of sing in the middle of the song:)

Try having people
stopping you to ask you
"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
It gets old.

You should listen to it here.

Gary Coleman, you will live on through your Avenue Q puppet.  A loving and respectful mocking that I'm sure you thought was hilarious too, because you were cool that way.  I assume.

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