Happy belated birthday FREUD!

Dear Freud,

Your birthday was 4 days ago.  I am sorry I missed it.  I would say it was an accident, but you wouldn't believe me.  I supposed subconsciously my not knowing the date of your birth reflected my actual desire to not go out of my way to look it up.  You got me, Freud!

I always thought you were kind of interesting, but I'll admit it was mostly in a freak-show kind of way.  Like how you thought little boys all wanted to have sex with their moms - did you realizing you were admitting that you totally wanted to bone your mom?  Or when you said that women should only have vaginal orgasms if they're mature adults and single-handedly effed over women's sexuality for years to come.  I mean, I guess it's not your fault.  You probably didn't realize that while your theories would be totally disregarded in all real psychological research and instruction, they would become pop culture's only understanding of the field, causing men and women everywhere to feel inadequate sexually simply because they don't understand the real physiology of a lady's sexy parts.

So, if you were still alive you'd be 154 years old.  That's really old.  You would probably be super-alzheimer's and call every girl you saw Anna O.  What would your theories say about that?

Here, for your birthday, I drew you a picture:

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