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Dearest dear ones!

Change is afoot.

At the moment, I am not talking about the sweeping changes we so desperately need to the global systems designed to perpetuate racism and destroy our planet. I am talking about this little blog.

Years ago, I needed to get myself writing every day and wanted to build up a consistent presence, so I created a structure for a blog that was once haphazard: Cute! Mondays, Inspiration! Wednesdays, Learning! Fridays, and Singalong! Weekends, with a couple of days in there for me to post about whatever the heck I wanted - probably something about mental health or feminism.

It worked! I had a post every day and was getting up at 6 am to write. This habit kept me going through some really rough times and (hopefully) gave you something to read every, or at least most, days.

It has, however, also been a barrier. Other writing or creative projects I want to do get shunted aside because I have to keep filling the structure I put in place for this blog. My morning writing time has also become more like work. This isn't a terrible thing--it's work I love to do and discipline is a thing.

If it had become my ACTUAL work, that would have been a dream scenario. But it didn't, and it means that I am sitting down every morning with the goal of getting posts out instead of exploring an idea or just writing something.


I'm not sure yet.

I know that breaks the rules of announcements. You aren't supposed to announce that things are changing without saying what they are changing into, but that's where I am. For now, I have decided to throw out the rules I made for myself here and just sit down in the mornings to write stuff. Probably most of it will get shared here.

What you need to know is that if things seem weird or inconsistent, there's a reason. I'm experimenting. In public. In realtime. That's kind of scary, but heck, we'll see what happens.

Chances are I will have a really hard time mentally turning off the structure and drive to fill it, so maybe things won't look too different for a while. Or maybe it will swing wildly in another direction before settling into something that works. I DON'T KNOW. That's the idea.

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