I'm back.

So this is the way it's going to be?

Etiquette Shmettiquette

Disasters averted

(A swift change in tone)

Once more and I'll burst!

A new way to avoid work!

She's back.


Look at me, Ma, no wires!

I just can't let it go.


Break this!

My desk is nobodies desk but mine, you can touch your desk and I will touch mine!


Back troubles


Bring on the beasts!

I live to eat.


A battle is won.

A note to clients who call in:

Happy Hump-Day


Disastrous consequences approach

Phone Etiquette Follies

Activist and Receptionist?

It's Fan Time

Top 5 Awesome Things About Data Entry

Tech Support

Blogger oddities

*read this whole blog in a whispered voice*

Back to the grind

More funness!

Superman does his taxes too.

Faxed Time

Dropsy Daisy

Now THIS is not COOL!

I'm back!