A pet peeve

Here's my current problem:

Couch potato needs to win marathon to get girl back? Try these!

This is kind of pointless.

*muffled cries*

More creepiness at the Olympics...

More Olympic Fiascos


She works hard for her money.

Tidbits to pass the time

whispered judgements


Sad and startling news

I want to get away, I want to fly away... (yeah yeah yeah)

well EF that!

Today's Confession

A day's work

Stupid printer shrinking the type to the point of illegibility!

"A case of the Mondays"

Speaking of alcohol...

Drinky drinky!

Well that was quick.

Turns out it's not too difficult to change who you are.



Privacy? Schmivacy.

Spread the Good News

Maybe I'm just going through peri-menopause...

I see your true colours shining through...

They don't call it a "bumper sticker" for nothin'