The Phantom Menace

Taxes? Yes.

Karmakarmakarmakarma Chameleon...


Close Call

A Pox on Alarm Clocks

Count it down

Vindictive Pleasures

BIG news!

There aren't any songs about Thursdays.

TV vs. Real Life (with accountants)


Another strike

If Dove commercials can't get it done...

Another way to resist

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Time for some whine.

Notes on the importance of presentation

Battle of the Dinosoars

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Automated Humour

Quality office equipment MATTERS people!

It's a mad world

Stranger than fiction...

China/Olympics Follow-Up

Reach for the stars!

Fine then.

It's gone to another level

The first day of the rest of my life.

Oh, it is ON!

Coupling and taxes

Workers of the world, unite!

What really goes on in accountant's training programs

Fine then.

Honesty in the workplace?

Wo is me on Friday morning


Politiks Politiks

I'm more sagacious than you are...

The Tricksters of the Sea

How to Look Busy

Spice Up Your Life

Words Cannot Express

Happy March April Fool's!