A Pox on Alarm Clocks

For most 9-5ers, we are incredibly dependent on knowing what day of the week it is. Most of the time you just know, deep down inside what day it is. You can feel it. Of course, sometimes our feelings can be wrong. This can, of course, often lead to pleasant results. Feeling like it's a Monday and realizing it's Wednesday. Or better yet, going to bed feeling like it's Thursday night, and then realizing it's Friday night and you do not need to set that alarm. But then there's the cruel cruel irony of feeling all day like it's a Saturday and then having to remember that no, no it's a Sunday and you have to go to work in the morning. Boo!

Alarm setting, I believe, is one of the most unpleasant activities invented by the human race. Why? Why did we do it? Did no one realize that if we just stopped ourselves and held back on the alarm clock invention, we could always sleep as late as we wanted and no one could get mad at us for being late? *sigh* I suppose if I really wanted that I could just move to Brazil or Zambia or somewhere else where time is not of the essence.

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