Stranger than fiction...

Wow, this has not happened in... ever? At least not since I was being trained, and even then I remember lots of awkward sitting around time. That's the worst- you're new so people are constantly checking in on you, but when you have nothing to do you don't feel comfortable enough to blatantly waste time and you don't have the experience with wasting-time-while-looking-busy. So awkward.

But not today! Today I had so much to do today that I only now had time to visit you, my dear blog. Not, of course that I was working "non-stop", per se, this entire day. I have however been steadily plugging away at mail-outs, letters, faxes, and photocopies between email and facebook checkings all day. I mean, you can't get through a day without that, right?

You really realize how much your job truly is drudgery when you have to actually do it for 8 hours in a row.

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