Fine then.

Scratch that. Just brutally lost my second game in the first couple of minutes. Honesty, you do nothing for me. I return to my previous ways of being honest only when I'm sick of trying to be dishonest.

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  1. Aaah, you do at work what I do at home when I'm avoiding paper-writing. haha Though, I also tend to watch videos and listen to music and occasionally blog, write fictional stories, record myself singing, and even build/update my website.... Actually, since I have 3 papers to write, I might as well get on doing those other things.

    Enjoy your spider solitaire at work, Ange.. and your blogging, and your looking at websites... It must be hard work pretending like you have work... I certainly don't envy you. (though working at Sylvan is not much better.... x_x;)

    ~ Lara