TV vs. Real Life (with accountants)

Sometimes I really do feel like I'm in an episode of The Office, only with less quirky and dynamic characters. And less talking. Yesterday I got in and the alarm was going off and we spent the next half and hour trying to make sure that the alarm company wouldn't call the police (or our boss) even though neither of us knew the passcode.

Today I get in and there's a very very rank odour through the whole office. I kind of decided to ignore it, but then my boss got in and couldn't handle it. He opened all the windows and all the doors to try to air the place out and proceeded to start hunting for the smell. If he were more charismatic in a socially-unaware and selfish kind of way he would be just like Michael Scott, I swear. So now I'm freezing my little patootie off because even though it's almost MAY and should be getting WARMER OUT it's freaking COLD outside, which is just wrong in SO MANY WAYS because it's really JUST PLAIN RIDICULOUS that I would even NEED to wear a COAT just because the doors and windows are open at THE END OF APRIL!!! *breathes* I think I have some anger issues with all this weather business.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make: can't you just see the clever writers of The Office taking this and making it last 22 minutes in a sometimes hilarious, sometimes awkward and not all that funny kind of way? Or at the very least using them in the teaser before the opening credits? I can, but maybe that's just because imagining I'm on a TV show that's pretending to be a documentary about a boring office that actually isn't boring at all instead of actually working in a boring office is one of the ways I get through my day.


  1. I would prefer the teaser scenario over the 22 minutes version, except in an Arrested Development-style "next-time-on-Arrested-Development" 7 second clip.

    i.e. "A breakin at the office..." (2 secs of Andrea and coworker stumbling/cracking open the door into a dark office and hearing the siren), "...leads to an all-consuming find-that-smell!" (flash to coworkers looking bored and tossing paper into the air [apparently half-heartedly trashing the office] while the boss manically half-crouches in his suit to look under a desk).

  2. Oooh, I thought of the Arrested Development teaser too! So awesome. Except then someone would have to be kind of clutzy in an "are they drunk?" kind of way, and someone else would have to have ambiguous gendering.