There aren't any songs about Thursdays.

While I was bussing into work this morning I was thinking about how Thursday is one of the best days in the workweek. Friday obviously wins by default, being that it's the last day, even though actually working all day Friday is usually one of the worst: it's often a much slower day, not so many phone calls or incoming work, so you're not busy enough for the day to go quickly and all you can think about is the fact that as soon as you get out of there you'll be free for an entire weekend. This is basically the equivalent of the last day of school with a teacher who decides not to have a party because you all need to finish up your projects on what your plans for summer would be if you lived on Mars in the colonial ages or whatever. So you just sit there and sort of pretend to work on your project because you don't care and the teacher's already made the report cards for the year all the while passing notes to your BFF 4EVA (folded in that special way your older sister taught you so that your teacher won't be able to figure out how to open it if she finds it) about how much you can't wait to be free for the summer and does she think that Brad Morelli actually likes you? (Whoa! I did not just use the real name of one of my real-life elementary school crushes! I totally just made that name up out of nowhere, I swear!)

Thursday on the other hand, is usually pretty darn good. You've made it over the hump of Wednesday, freedom is just around the corner, there's often enough work to at least pass half the day so time isn't crawling, and so as you step off the bus and walk into the office you think to yourself "I can do this! I am so close I am there."

Or at least that's what I was thinking while I was on the bus coming over. Turns out that Thursday is really really really boring.


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