Notes on the importance of presentation

What the cotton-pickin'-dang-nabbit-hill-hole-Lord-of-Accounting are these guys trying to do?!? It's called AWOL, which stands for Alcohol Without Liquid. Ever heard of it? Me neither.

The deal is that they vaporize alcohol so that you inhale it instead of drinking it. Apparently the effects are much stronger and faster, even though you only absorb about 1/2 a shot's worth in 20 minutes (incidentally, two 20-minute doses is apparently all your body can handle in a 24 hour period, so it better be more potent otherwise I might ask what the point is). Apparently it's also a calorie-free way to enjoy alcohol without hangovers and with a slight "high".

Okay, well, whatever. It sounds kinda sketchy to me but no big deal, right? Wrong. Go to their website! If this product was any good, I believe their product would fulfill the following requirements:

-A website that has a better design than that "We're Obsessed and We're Not Afraid to Admit It!" fansite for Breaker High and Titanic I made with my BFF in grade 9. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)
-Complete and well written sentences.
-Proper grammar and use of punctuation. Two pieces of punctuation are not required to finish a sentence.! One will do the trick.
-Text that shows up as text and not random symbols.

Maybe I'm being shallow, but just look at this sentence I copied directly off the site:

"That why youe probably heard: ou smell like you've been drinking again?or lease exhale in this breathalyzer.?"

Enough said. Of course, their target market is "alcohol lovers", which sounds like a cheesy euphamism for alcoholics, so maybe their hoping their clientelle will be too smashed to even bother going to the website.

Oh, and apparently this product might not be all that safe, it's been banned in several states down South so far. No news yet on its level of infiltration in Canada.


  1. Are you talking about AlcoSpray.?

  2. Oh, I've never heard of that. But this stuff is called AWOL. I just looked up AlcoSpray and all I got was some disinfectant stuff, so I just don't know.