Inspiration! Roundup: 1.7 billion ways to be Muslim, recommended reading, and lots of magic

The Gilmore Girls: Winter to Summer

Cute! Roundup: Cookies that bite, a puppy meets sand, and Percy's penguin "friend"

Singalong! I Would Die for You by Jann Arden

Learning! Roundup: Extended winters, sexism is still bad, better earthquake warnings, and more!

Some November Blessings

Me & Ryan Gosling playing catch

Inspiration! Roundup: Gryffindor-style awards for scientists, artist superpowers, jarred worlds, and hope

Would you rather?

Cute! Roundup: Save the kittens, babies in the rain, dancing polar bears

Singalong! Jackie's Strength by Tori Amos

Learning! Roundup: Help Standing Rock, research on racism, reminiscence, sexy parasites, and priorities

Me and Ryan Gosling at Fan Expo

Inspiration! Roundup: Overview, bottoms up, book sculptures, and more!

Reporting on The X-Files Season Two: Skinner Gets Real

Cute! Roundup: A three-bunny boop, a fallen corgi pup, and more!

Singalong! Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Learning! Roundup: Mean religion, check your facts, a new kind of human, and more

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

Me and Ryan Gosling taking pictures or people taking pictures of us

Notes on the return of the Dark Ages

Inspiration! Roundup: Water protectors, Coast Salish acknowledgments, countercultures

Election Day Singalong!: Sister Suffragette from Mary Poppins

Cute! Roundup: Costumed cat, unzipping a hedgehog, and chinchillas eating apples

Singalong! Birmingham by Amanda Marshall

Learning! Roundup: An excuse to be late, history refreshers, stop kissing your dog

Today I tried something new