Some November Blessings

A collection of blessings to get you through this rainy, cold November
"#blessed" by Raffi Asdourian

For Americans, today is Thanksgiving, and thanks to globalization of culture, the rest of us hear about it incessantly. This really isn't such a bad thing. I always enjoy watching how sitcoms find excuses to keep their characters from going home over Thanksgiving,and any reminder to be grateful is useful.

Instead of sharing things I am thankful for, however, I decided instead to share some blessings for a cold, rainy fall that may or may not include family gatherings:

May your bike rides be sweat-free and your bike chain stay in place.

May the rain take pause the instant you leave your house, and refrain from restarting until you get home.

May your family argue only over who gets the last roll at dinner, until you realize that there are more rolls in the kitchen.

May your afternoon caffeine-intake give you just the right amount of boost to get through the day.

May the only emails you receive be from friends inviting you on a free trips.

May your avocados ripen one at a time instead of all at once.

May your Facebook feed be filled with the lives of your loved ones and not political articles.

May your bus show up exactly on time, unless you are running a minute late, and then may it also be a minute late and wait for you while you run up to the door.

May your pet, should you have one, greet you with love and poo where it is supposed to.

May your child, should you have one, also greet you with love and also poo where it is supposed to.

May your shoes never leak.

May your nail polish never chip.

May you find that thing that you can't remember where on earth it could be, but it has GOT to be around here somewhere.

May you walk into a room and remember why you went in there in the first place.

May your Netflix suggestions be just what you need.

May there be one last cookie in the tray and the ice cream tub not be empty.

May the last pair of clean underwear in your drawer NOT be the uncomfortable weird ones you put off wearing, but a cute and fun pair.

May the good cheese be on sale.

May the lights all turn green.

May the wind give your hair just the perfect amount of volume.

May you be able to squeeze one last plate into the dishwasher.

May your partner/child/roommate tidy up without being asked.

May you get hugged, but only if your a hugger. If not, then may nobody even try.

May your high fives land squarely and make a satisfying sound, without hurting your hand.

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