The Deal

Here's the scoop, chicken poop:

This blog started a kajillion years ago when I was a receptionist for a small, quiet accounting firm.  It was terribly boring.  No one ever talked and all I did was wait for the phone to ring, do data entry, and put together mail-outs of tax returns for clients.  I needed a way to pass the time and it was starting to feel a little narcissistic to keep posting things on my facebook page and make everyone's newsfeed into my stream of consciousness.  So naturally I thought there was no better way to save myself from seeming narcissistic than to start my own blog!

Now I am not a receptionist.  I spend my days, for the most part, working in theatre, writing things, drinking tea, and taking pictures of my cat.  So I decided to revive this ol' blog with a few adjustments. Basically, I am writing the blog I would like to read, in the hopes that there are at least a few other weirdos out there who equally love cute cat pictures, inspirational reflections, learning new things, singalong (even, or especially, alone in our kitchens), feminist commentary on the world, fake totally real relationships with Ryan Gosling, DIYs, book clubs, personal challenges, and a random assortment of things that I think are funny.