The Coldest Summer of the Rest of Our Lives

A meme composite image using Bart and Homer Simpson. The first panel shows Bart, looking disturbed, with a picture of a map of the US west coast burning and the text "this is the hottest summer of my life." The next panel is Homer, leaning in like he's correcting Bart and saying, "This is the coldest summer of the rest of your life!"

A couple weeks ago, I was telling some friends how we have to enjoy this time in our lives: COVID is (theoretically) getting under control and climate change is only just ramping up. Pending other disasters (still totally likely!), we'll have some decently-enjoyable years in here before things get really bad again.
Honestly, my friends seemed a little perturbed by this. They called me cynical.
Buuuuuut after a heatwave in BC that resulted in over 700 sudden deaths (where the only way to make life bearable for most is buy an AC and contribute to making global temperatures worse, and will result in even more forest fires than usual, one of which already fully destroyed a town in a day) PLUS the ocean literally being on fire and whatever ecological effects come of that, I'm thinking I was wrong.
I think I was too optimistic about how "sweet" this "sweet spot" between COVID and Climate Change: Full Throttle will be.
I guess time will tell: as the planet becomes less and less habitable in the coming years, what will we look back on as the lull? Or will we be too busy hating our past selves for not fighting this harder? (Or, most appropriately, hating the ultra-wealthy oil barons who fully knew about climate change in the 70s and hid it?)

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