They're called underthings for a reason!

It outta be a LAW!

So this is where the day goes...

A cry from the suffering

To sleeve or not to sleeve

The Mystery of the Lesser-Sisters

Having to do things over, part infinity


Set me free, why dontcha babe?

Gender mcgenderson

An open apology to my coworkers (and anyone I pass on the street)


Advice: Don't be an A-Hole!

Sunny days... sunny sunny sunny days...


"That is IT" she yells as she throws her gloves to the floor

Rants for yesterday

Stupid science.

F this!

A brush with.... douchiness?


One battle won.


One more for the road. Happy weekend everyone!

Twists of fate

Now let's teach it to fly!

Time to get spooky.

More from the NY Times

National Waist-Measurement Day


Come on everyone, let's get creepy and pander to stereotypes!

A brush with destiny

Scrabble - it's my good time game!

Madonna and JT redux:


Phone Etiquette?

More for me

My legs are in prison.

Notes on Filing

At least it's Wednesday

On a rainy Tuesday...


How to beat the Monday blahs...