A brush with.... douchiness?

Today, while I was walking back to the office from my lunch (because I have NEVER FORGOTTEN the number one rule for defeating the Lord of Accounting in his quest to destroy my soul and turn me into an actual, real, eerily silent and obedient accountant is to always leave the office for your lunch break no matter what) I swear I saw K-Fed. Really. The K-Fed. It was crazy! Okay, he was walking by himself down 4th, so he probably wasn't K-Fed and just some douchey looking guy. But can you blame me for getting them mixed up? K-Fed's only defining characteristic is douchiness, if you ask me (that and surprisingly responsible fathering that only emerges when absolutely necessary [aka: when the momma stops noticing the kids between party binges] and not a second earlier), so really, isn't every douchy guy just Kevin Federline?

I think it's dangerous to go to far with logic like that. Too many Kevin Federlines and the earth will be knocked off its axis.

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