Today has been strange... I had to come in, even though pretty much every other office in the world is closed today for the Day Before Canada Day, Let's Not Have An Awkward Middle of the Week But Take a 4 Day Weekend Instead day, because today's a big deadline for us. Lots of corporate tax returns due. Usually on deadline days I'm almost busy almost all day. Today I've had almost nothing to do. It's weird. I'm just sitting here waiting for my boss to burst out of his office with the seven tax returns he told me needed to go out today, but so far only three have emerged, and not quite ready to go either. So I sit.... and I wait, knowing that the day is waining and if indeed there are 7 tax returns to go out today, I may end up having to stay late. That would break commandment number 7 for fighing the Lord of Accounting! (Thou shalt leave prompltly at 5 no matter what needs to be done.)

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  1. I had to work body else was there, it was strange~