Rants for yesterday

Note: This post is the one that I tried to post and errored out on me. Turns out it was saved as a draft and I can still put it up. How's about that? Consider this me being humbled.

Oh, poor little bloggy, I didn’t write in you at all yesterday! I’m sorry to be all neglectful-like, but I did think about you. I was just so busy… So busy I barely even had time to keep up with my Scrabulous games! (Yes, I’m afraid that’s the way things are now, bloggy, Scrabulous is a top priority these days.) Not that I was busy doing lots of different things all day. Busy doing the same thing over and OVER again because my boss kept changing things! I know, I know I should be understanding of all this, sometimes I make mistakes and have to fix things, so sometimes he will too, but COME ON.

Okay, here’s what happened: when I got in there were a whole bunch of tax returns waiting for me to put together (I have to write/print a bunch of letters and stuff to go with each one). I was feeling a little guilty about being late the day before, as well as the fact that I’ll be off all day Monday (I know I haven’t told you about this yet, I’m sorry! We have so much to catch up on, sweet bloggy!) that I decided to be a good little worker-bee and start working right away. Then my boss got in and proceeded to spend the entire day changing little parts of the things I did so that I had to redo them.

First, he put down a bunch of files and said "here, this one's ready to go!", and I had already done it because he had left the tax return on my desk, which he always does with ones he wants me to put together. So then I had to take it all apart and reprint all the financial statements.

Then, after I'd done 6, spend the whole morning and part of the afternoon getting them ready, he comes through and just starts crossing things out and adding things to the letters and invoices so that I get to do those. Again. As well. (Not bitter about that at all.)

Anyways, needless to say I was busy all day with all that crap, even though I had done everything exactly the way I always do and exactly the way he told me to! GEEZ! I've had it up to HERE with these accountants always changing their freaking MINDS about EVERYTHING!

(Note: when I said "I've had it up to HERE" my hand was reaching far far far above my head)

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