It gets a little disheartening to listen day after day to a coworker being berated for not doing things right. Especially since she's easily the nicest person in the office, and I don't want to see her spirit broken and/or her quit (oh no! If she quits they might try to convince me to take her spot! No no no no NO!). The criticisms are harsh and I can hear that she has trouble getting a word in edgewise to explain/defend her actions. On the flipside, it seems like the same things are being corrected over and over, so I would think it would be nice if it would sink in sometime soon. If for no other (purely selfish) reason than the fact that I need to get some letters signed so I can get out of here on time, and it's really really awkward to go in there in the middle of one of these sessions, I would like to see her figure out either a) what she's doing and do it right or b) how to stand up to el bosso and show him where it's at.

Also, she's the only one in the office who can see my computer and all the non-work I do all day. Normally I wouldn't worry about it (like I said, nicest person in the office), except I fear that one day she'll get sick of always getting in trouble and point out my habits to deflect the spotlight a little. Eep.

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