Having to do things over, part infinity

This lesson seems to be taking me a while to learn. When I get asked to do something, unless it's time sensitive, don't to it right away. Today, for the bajillionth time, I was told after completing a task to "hold off" on it because changes were on they way. THEN WHY DO THEY ASK ME TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE????!??!!!? Geez.

Today it was payroll. My boss isn't in this morning but he called and asked me to do the payroll for one of our clients. Now he just called and said some hours will be changing and I should wait. Well guess what? You asked me to do it TWO HOURS ago and it only takes 10 minutes to do so I ALREADY DID IT!!!! And why does he always seem so surprised that I've done things? I'm either much more incompetent than I think I am (or maybe I've given the impression of incompetence because I always stretch things out so much), or they all slack off even more than I do (or possibly are more incompetent than me) and either way they all seem really surprised when I finish tasks in the same half of the day I was given them, even though they must all know I have nothing else to do. Don't they?

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