The Mystery of the Lesser-Sisters

Okay, since when did we live in a world where Jamie Lynn Spears gets an entire blog dedicated just to her? I mean, I guess she did something on TV or something, so maybe she has a fan base? To me it's just weird, because of all the lesser-sisters in the various sister-showbiz duos, she seems pretty low down there. Above Solange Knowles definitely. Maybe on par with Haylie Duff? I mean, can you imagine an entire blog devoted to Haylie Duff?

Wait, there probably is one
...[pause for googling]...

Results: Besides her "official" page and the requisite "official fan page" that all lesser celebrities have (you know, the one "official fan page" made by some "hardcore fan" who is likely her "manager" and has nothing more than some photos, a filmography, and a bio likely stolen off the actual official page), she does not appear to have a blog devoted to all things Haylie! She does appear to have her own Star Doll, which is really kind of creepy. But no blog.

So who wins this battle then? Jamie-Lynn for having at least one fan devoted enough to research her every move, search out faux-baby pictures, and make multiple daily posts, or Haylie for having a creepy Star Doll where her cartoon face is on a cartoon underwear-clad body to be dressed by "fans"... I'm not sure to what end.

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