F this!

Facebook is trying to F with me! This morning when I tried to log in it said my account was under maintenance and wouldn't be available for several hours. Several hours!??!! I almost had a panic attack! Luckily it worked immediately after that. (Or so I thought).

It keeps timing out on me! Seriously, it's really annoying. I'll go to check a message and it times out. Then I start all over again and it times out one step closer to getting the message. And again, and again! Eventually I do get to where I want to go, but not without considerable effort extreme annoyance.

Maybe this is some scheme facebook has to deal with its over-active users to help keep us in check? Slowly degenerate in service until we give up and only check once a day, if that, so that we can go back to being productive members of society? No, that can't be it. Maybe it's really some kind of reverse psychology to increase our addiction. Make us want it more by making us work for it until we can't have enough and start rolling around on our computer screens to soak in as much precious facebook energy as we possibly can.

That must be it!

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