Twists of fate

For one sweet second I thought I was being told to go home early today. It was startling, but blissfully startling. My quasi-supervisor (or the girl who trained me anyways and who seems to be second in command around here) said what sounded to me like "do you have a lot of work to do?" to which I said "not really", to which she replied what sounded to me like "okay, see you Monday."

At this point I froze awkwardly. Was she telling me to go home? What was going on? Why was I abruptly being allowed a long weekend, when last week everyone seemed very off-put by me skipping lunch to leave an hour early (and thus working equal hours). The confusion grew when she said something about finishing the work I had, which I thought I had just told her didn't exist. I said many things that probably made me sound very confused (which I was) and slightly dumb (which I like to think I'm not) to figure out what was going on and eventually realized that what actually had been said was something like this: "are you looking for work?", "not really", "okay, this can wait for Monday."

Turns out she just had something for me to do. She wasn't telling me to go home early, she was giving me data entry to do that involved calculating GST. Which is almost as good as going home early on a Friday, right? (I'm trying to harness the power of positive thinking here, people! Don't spoil it for me!)

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