Remember how I said a while ago that I was going to start writing letters to politicians about things I cared about with my spare time at work? Well after writing that letter about stupid Bill C-10, I kind of forgot to ever do it again. Until now!

I've been meaning to write to someone something to do with being more environmental/sustainable, etc. Well, yesterday at work I was doing a little research and I saw that Vancouver does have one good thing going for it: The Greener Homes Program. To my untrained-in-anything-scientific eye, this looks like a pretty good plan, if it gets approved. Right now it's all just recommended. It includes such awesomeness as improving insulation so less heating is required, requiring all new homes be built with the appropriate fixtures for solar energy, and requiring the installation of energy-star appliances, to name a few things. Oh, AND it requires the installation of dual-flush toilets so you use less water for the number ones!

I think this is rad, and if you get a chance PLEASE visit the link (look, there it is again!). There's a portion at the bottom of the page where you can express your support and give any suggestions you want. I suggested that these requirements be phased into older homes as well, especially multi-family homes with renters, because it sucks to be a renter and have no control over this stuff and pay out the wazoo for utilities.

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