How to beat the Monday blahs...

That headline was a ruse (did I spell that right? Rouse? Rousse? I'm feeling to lazy to check at, there is no way to beat the Monday blahs. Except maybe calling in sick, but it's bad form to do that two Mondays in a row, and I did it last week, so... here I am.

Actually, it's another installment of the entertaining yourself at work/looking busy series! This is another one that's quite obvious and that I was also already doing instinctively, but I figure it still deserves a mention for those who need it.

Save your work. I know, I know, obvious, but still. If you hardly have enough work to fill a day, don't do it all when you first get in in the morning. Space it out! Always have the window open with whatever it is, and then just work on it when people are around to notice. If your boss/coworkers who can check up on you aren't around, do NOT waste that time getting work done. Entertain yourself however you prefer, hopefully whilst staying dressed and near your desk (it's easy to close a window or put down a book if your boss suddenly bursts in. Not easy to put all your clothes back on or run back from the break room [if you have one]) and don't you DARE touch that work until someone comes through that door who a) has authority over you or b) doesn't have authority over you but could "check up on you" or "tattle." Not only does this save your work for when there's someone around you need to look busy for, but it saves your sanity by building up entertainment points in your brain to be slowly released during mind-numbing data entry sessions.

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  1. For some reason, entertainment points look like Alpha Bits cereal being time-released from a giant capsule in a dream bubble above your head to me.