On a rainy Tuesday...

Little tidbits of facts and fun:

Sadness helps you pay attention to details more but happiness helps you be more creative, says some researcher dudes. Kind of flies in the face of the "creative people need to be depressed to be creative" theory, doesn't it? Along a similar vein, apparently sad people are more productive and do the job better. The theory goes that sad people focus more on the task to distract themselves from their sadness, whereas happy people don't pay as much attention to it to avoid being distracted from their happiness.

Turns out the looking at a woman in a bikini increases a man's desire for any kind of instant gratification (not just sexual). Straight fellahs who saw women in bikinis or lingerie were more impatient and would accept any reward offered (money, food, etc) no matter if they actually wanted it in the first place.

Yves Saint Laurent died. Sad.

If you are lazy, be glad you don't live in Canton, Ohio. You could go to jail for 30 days for not mowing your lawn.

Let's hear it for war! A British WWII bomb has been discovered under an airport runway in Amsterdam.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Barack Obama may be the next President.

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