It's a trick!

Cute! Roundup: Duck alarm clocks, kitty mail carriers, and back scratching

Singalong! Spit on a Stranger by Kathryn Williams

Learning! Roundup: Seaweed saves the day, Dollar Street, monkey tools, conformity, and more!

Maleficent will suffer no fool, and neither will I

Me & Ryan Gosling having some Halloween fun

Inspiration! Roundup: Native American ballerinas, loopy creatures, welfare food budgets, and more

Beware of empowertising!

Cute! Roundup: A dramatic exit, a confused child, and a taco cat

Singalong! Chasing Shadows by Santigold

Learning! Roundup: The spiders are listening, jokes matter, carbon dioxide transforms, and more!

Me & Ryan Gosling in Tofino

Inspiration! Roundup: Cry it out, favourite cats, morning motivation, and more!

Happy "You Count as a Person" Day, Canadian Women!

Book Club: Dietland by Sarai Walker

Cute! Roundup: A baby chameleon is born, a tiny kitty learns to walk, and more!

Singalong! Dinosaur Sex by Emmy the Great

Learning! Roundup: The good side of selfies, virtual morality, back up plans, and role models

Me & Ryan Gosling on New Year's Eve

Inspiration! Roundup: Cooking with Salvador Dali, Miyazaki's girls, and more!

Book Club: All the Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister

Cute! Roundup: Bats can be cute?

Singalong! Too Much by the Spice Girls

Learning! Roundup: Yoga alignment, maternal regret, caffeine, and pole dancing

Bridget Jones' Baby: Reactions

Me & Ryan Gosling playing California kick ball

Go away, autumn! No one likes you.