Maleficent will suffer no fool, and neither will I

Addendum: I came across this gif and literally came up with this post just for an excuse to use it.

Drama queens shout for fun, amiright?

People who I want to shout "Fools!" at with multicoloured lighting crashing around me:

People who jog on the road instead of on the sidewalk. What are you trying to prove? Now we all have to worry about running into you with cars and bikes. (FOOLS!)

Anyone who pays so much for something that it is only a demonstration of status, as the product peaked in quality two decimal places ago. (FOOLS!)

Those who dislike Harry Potter. Why??? Who has been threatening you? (FOOLS!)

People who voluntarily don't eat cheese. (Sorry to my vegan friends - I officially respect your life choices, but when it comes to cheese, I just... I don't get.. It's too good... I... FOOLS!)

Climate change deniers. (FOOLS!)

Really anyone who ignores logical evidence in favour of their feelings. (WE ARE ALL FOOLS!)

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