Happy "You Count as a Person" Day, Canadian Women!

Did you know that this month is Women's History Month in Canada? Me neither! And I live here!

Specifically, today is the day that we "celebrate" (quotations because nobody knows about it) the day in 1929 when women were declared persons under the law.

(Okay, sappy mcsapperface over here got all teary-eyed watching the cheesy historical re-enactment. What are you looking at? I'm not crying, you're crying! Heritage Minutes might be cheesy, but they are beautiful, okay?)

Women are people! Isn't that exciting?

Fixed forever, right?

Hahahaha! Haha! Hahahahaaahahahaahhhaaaa!

I'll admit that as happy as I am to have been born at a time when I am already considered a person, sometimes I'm envious of past feminists who got to fight for these really clear, definable things like being a legal person or being able to vote.

Now we're left with systemic nuances like expectations of beauty and pressure to rock a work AND home life to perfection. I mean, okay, I'll fight the good fight, but it's so much harder to know when we should be sharing high fives, you know?

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