Learning! Roundup: Yoga alignment, maternal regret, caffeine, and pole dancing

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Yoga Alignment Lessons

If you've taken more than a couple of yoga classes and have paid attention to the various teachers' alignment cues, you're probably already a little confused about what you should be doing with your body. Here is a roundup of common yoga alignment errors, along with explanations as to why.

Legitimizing Maternal Regret

Anyone with a uterus knows the story: woman gets pregnant, by choice or not (earlier than planned, not with the right guy, feels like she "should", whatever), has the baby, and baby gives her life all new meaning. Probably the story is the same for dudes, except they suddenly find out they've contributed to a pregnancy and while they are uncertain, they rise to the occasion and also find that their life has new meaning.

The problem is that this is not the case for everyone. Some people just wish they hadn't become parents. This is a concept that we are absolutely terrified to talk about, but studies and books are starting to emerge documenting the cases of maternal regret. This article in The Science of Us gives an intro to parental regret, and it's worth a read, if nothing else to learn about what the experience of parenthood is like for some people.

More Caffeine Confusion

Adding to the ongoing list of what is good and bad about caffeine is the fact that it is linked with lower levels of dementia in women. This falls squarely in the "correlation does not equal causation" camp, but if you're looking for an excuse to jack up your caffeine intake, you've got one.

More Parenting!

Whether or not parents regret their choice of having kids, they are, on average, spending more time with the little ones. In the 60's, moms spent about 54 minutes a day with their kids, and in 2012 it was over 100 minutes. For dads, it's even more pronounced (although still uneven): from 16 minutes a day in the 60's to 59 minutes in 2012.

Pole Dancing Men

Like many things that are now considered feminine, pole dancing was originally performed by men. (Other things that women were originally banned from that are now "for girls": ballet, yoga, and being a flight attendant.)

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