Singalong! Baby I Love You by The Ramones

Learning: Are there really good guy vigilantes with guns?

Me & Ryan Gosling: at a cast party

Inspiration! Manifesto of a Doer

Cute! Gertie the master pianist

Singalong! The Middle by Jimmy Eat World

Learning! Stereotype Threat

Me & Ryan Gosling: bringing coke to a party

The Artist's Way: My Week Two/Three Fail

Inspiration! What struggle is your struggle of choice?

Why Doctor Who might as well be Doctor God

Cute! Penelope the Puppy

Singalong! Lazarus by David Bowie

Learning! Playing with history with Histography

Me & Ryan Gosling: at an awards show

Inspiration! A scientific definition of God

David Bowie

Cute! The cat, she sees you

Singalong! Bring Me To Life by Evanescence

The Artist's Way: Week One

Learning! Why cats knock everything over all the time

Inspiration! Get Yer Groove On

Cute! Gertie getting her Christmas stretch on

Singalong! The New Year by Death Cab For Cutie

Learning! Your blood will curdle, actually