Social MEDIA Day??!!??

Now the bugs are just killing themselves???

Basic Instructions for ROCKING MY WORLD

Fear Itself

I have had so many babies

Party like it's 2008. April 8, 2008, that is.

Reasons for Grump

In further news - JESUS BURNED DOWN!!!

A cost-benefit analysis of anorexia

A sinkhole to hell?

A lesson on sleeping

Mosquito lasers, zombie lions, and subtext

Worst post ever.

I'm pretty sure this post makes me sound like a really terrible pedophile, and I swear I'm NOT, I just want sweet music in my life all the time!

Mascara FAIL

My Landlord, the Robot

Mama Spiders are WAY worse than Mama Bears. Just think about it.

Lindsey Lohan, why?

Joe Cantari is a Jerk

My name is nobody's name but mine, you can touch your name, I will touch mine (wait, does that make sense?)

A moment of self-indulgence, if you will.

Andrea's Advice II

Oh, Hair. Why dost thou torture me so?

Monday, Monday - the best looking day?

A letter to my toothbrush