Social MEDIA Day??!!??

Hey folks!  Did you know that today is Social MEDIA Day?  Well it is.  And you have to say it with extra emphasis on the word "media" - preferably also with a voice crack if you can muster one.

That's actually pretty much all I have to say about that, except that I promise to commemorate this momentous and joyous day by spending the entire day shirking responsibilities in favour of surfing facebook and blogs and maybe even twitter.  So... basically what I'm saying here is that every day is social media day.

Also, who's got two thumbs and is tired of working 14 hour days and can't wait for this show to be over even though it's really good and everyone should see it?  THIS GIRL.  (I am pointing at myself with my thumbs.  Actually that is a huge lie because I am typing.  Okay, wait, I'm going to see if I can type and point at myself with my thumbs at the same time.  I swear I will not delete or edit whatever happens.  This post will simply end with whatever comes of my attempt to type and point at myself with my thumbs at one time.  Got it?  Good.  Okay.  i mad  dutprising nmber of typos eil esntially tlking aout msiking ty0so ang keaimg them but i sidnt have t lewve tne  o hpu'll never know.)

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