My name is nobody's name but mine, you can touch your name, I will touch mine (wait, does that make sense?)

Know what's awkward?  Going to one of those cafes where they call out your name with your order.  The first time I went to one of those I was 15 years old (I actually have no idea how old I was, but that seems like a good age to admit to being super socially awkward), and when the dude asked me my name I totally momentarily thought he was hitting on me and got all stuttery.  I mustered myself to tell him my name with the best romantic flair I could summon, and all he did was write it on a stickie along with the rest of my order, and then make eye contact with the hussy behind me to take her order.

I was totally crushed.  I mean, we had a connection!  Who moves on that quickly?  Talk about rebound.

THEN I had to sit and wait for a perfect stranger to call out my name with my food.  It felt all invasive and weird.  My name is for friends, family, and writing on bathroom walls in hopes of a date - not for total strangers to call out in the middle of a crowded cafe while holding up my ridiculously anti-healthy food order.  I mean, come on.

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