Lindsey Lohan, why?

I am literally awash in shame.

First of all, I'm watching Just My Luck, that horrible horrible Lindsey Lohan movie that (I think) was the last one she made before descending into that sad alcoholic stupor where she kept bleaching her hair.  If that wasn't bad enough, I actually just teared up.  Don't worry, as soon as I felt the tears welling up I punched myself in the face so I could pretend that was the reason for my tears.  I think I fooled any ghosts in the room with me.

Oh crap, now I'm imagining ghosts in the room with me.  This night just keeps getting worse and worse.

Okay, now Lindsey is all torn up because she loves the man and can't kiss him, lest she mess with luck.  It's so hard for her because she can't kiss him and she can't not kiss him either.  I am feeling the comfortable, old judgmental attitude come rushing back and am ready to face the world once again.  Unfortunately, with a shiny new black eye.

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