I'm pretty sure this post makes me sound like a really terrible pedophile, and I swear I'm NOT, I just want sweet music in my life all the time!

Normally I HATE it when people expect you to watch videos for random things online.  I will waste hours of my life reading hilarious things online, but somehow videos are just annoying to me.  However, I will be forever grateful to my friend who showed me this:

And by grateful I mean really disturbed because now I think I'm actually in love with this kid.  In fact, if watching this does not make you fall in love with him, then there is seriously something wrong with you.  I know that the general wisdom of life states that the something that could be seriously wrong in a situation like this is the notion of  adult people falling in love with 12 year old people, but I think that this kid has single-handedly turned the tables.

I swear I'm not being inappropriate.  I mean, all I want is for him to live in my home and constantly play Lady Gaga songs for me, and then if I ever get tired of that, to cuddle and croon some Backstreet Boys gently in my ear.  Maybe some Spice Girls once and a while.  What on EARTH is inappropriate about that?  It's sort of like how Rosie O'Donnell used to always talk about being in love with Tom Cruise but she didn't want to have sex with him, she just wanted him to walk around in her yard shirtless with a lawn mower.  Then it turned out that she was a lesbian all along, so there's no WAY she was sexually attracted to Tom Cruise, she was just in love with him in a lesbian way.  This is exactly that situation.  Greyson Chance is the Tom Cruise to my closeted Rosie O'Donnell.

Besides, when I posted on my facebook that I was in love with a 12 year old, the first response was "You'd better not be talking about Justin Bieber because he is MINE and I will cut a bitch!"  (Note, they actually said "If it's Justin Bieber, you and I are going to have to have a little chat", but that pretty much means the exact same thing.)  So obviously it's not THAT weird, since at least one other non-creepy person is in love with a 12 year old.

Then my other friend on facebook was all "just wait, his voice will change and then you won't be in love with him anymore" and I realized that if I am going to have him as my in-house musician I will need to do something to preserve his voice the way it is right now.  I'm pretty sure cryogenic freezing is bad for the vocal chords, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

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