Dream Time!

My parents are trying to ruin my vegetarianism

Ladies: Get Your Boobs Measured!

Best Holiday Invitation Ever

Eco Tips and Anger

Pretty thing

Kissing is Weird

Santy Claws?

Veggies: the saddest and most bulimic fruit around

Diagnostic Criteria for Demon Possession

The sound of my tears is completely drowned out by the weeping of forests everywhere

How Kittens Are Like Lady-Friends

Vampires - they can't be reasoned with

The Sanctity of Marriage - SAVED

Halloween is a BIG Decision

Why Everyone Should Join OKCupid

Let's all give thanks, shall we?

Find love in a laundromat (a facebook laundromat)

Prime Minister #4: John Thompson

Photographers are creepy

Kitten wars

Stating the obvious.


Good point.

My world has been rocked by a pre-teen boy on the bus. EW - not like THAT!!!

My conception of time in relation to emotion is effed up.

Lesson #2 of using an iPod Touch as your alarm

I'm BACK, dear lady friends!

Wendy's Training Music Video

I love science because it discovers new things for me to fall in love with and covet desperately

What is wrong with the world today?

Things That Are Gross

This guy is so kick-arse.

Stuff Oprah Would Hate

Evening of Greatness


Stop Lying to Me, Internet

Irony Plus Sadness = ?


(word)(question mark)

This is how I spend my entire night.

Yesterday was a very good day for me because...

Vegetables? Aw MAN!

This is how you know you are a horribly lame/amazing person

Stupid baking

The killer in me

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