Learning! Roundup: We the Sheeple, Counting Bees, Ecological Tipping Points, Body Cams, and More!

We the Sheeple

It turns out my high school punkish friends and I were right: we're all sheeple! A new study shows that adults will adopt almost any social norm, as long as they don't think they will meet someone who is hurt by it. We just want to be part of a group.


With only four nerve cells in their brains, bees are still capable of counting up to four. Maybe we are only capable of counting to the number of nerve cells we have?

Ecological Tipping Points

Unsurprisingly, there are elements to climate change that we haven't been taking seriously enough (and I'm not just talking about the fact that climate change exists and is a real threat that we need to do something about). One of those things is ecological tipping points and the interrelatedness of different ecological systems. Basically, we've got a domino effect looming that could be prettttty disastrous.

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Many parents (and adults) will instinctively stroke a baby during a distres…

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