We Need More Stories About Grief (Sheryl Sandberg Can't Do it All, Guys)

I just read Option B by Sheryl Sandberg. Hoooo boy!

For those of you who don't know, this book exists because her husband suddenly died while they were on vacation. It's about grief and adapting to new realities in life. Some aspects of it are tough to read, but it is also beautiful and encouraging.

One thing that it really highlighted for me was the impact of other people on her experience and how they let their own discomfort get in the way of being there for a grieving friend. Some quotes:

"Two things we want to know when we are in pain is that we're not crazy to feel the way we do and that we have support. Acting like nothing significant is happening to people who look like us denies us all of that."
"I felt invisible, as if I were standing in front of them but they couldn't see me. When someone shows up with a cast, we immediately inquire, 'What happened?' If your ankle gets shattered, people ask to hear the story. If your life gets shatter…

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