Learning! Roundup: How to Pet Your Cat, Ovarian Cancer Vaccines, the Marshmallow Test Revisited, and More!

Where to Pet Your Cat

Finally, some truly important scientific research! Where do cats most like to be petted? Unsurprisingly their favourite spots are the cheeks, chin, and between the eyes and ears.

Ovarian Cancer Vaccine

Ovarian cancer is still tough enough to catch that only half women who get diagnoses live beyond five years. Now there is a little more hope: a personalized vaccine. It takes cells from the tumour and mixes them with immune cells from the patient's blood. Blammo! Improved survival rates.

Aging and Authenticity

It looks like we become closer to our "true selves" as we age, or at least we think we do. It checks out with the fact that older people tend to report caring less about what other people think of them and acting in ways that are more true to their own desires.

More to the Marshmallow Test

The marshmallow test is a famous piece of research: young children would be given one marshmallow and told that if it was still there 15 minutes later, they woul…

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