Learning! Roundup: Dance wins the war on aging, humans vs. apes, facial recognition, and more!

Reverse Aging with Dance

Both endurance training and dancing had been shown to reverse signs of aging in the brain, but only dancing shows a corresponding change of behaviour. It's good to note that the behaviour change they are referring to here is improved balance, not, like, knowing what decade they are in. But still! Dance wins!

Humans vs. Apes

New research shows that we have seriously underestimated the intelligence of apes, thanks to our huge superiority complexes. We tend to compare humans, living fulsome lives full of social interactions and education, with apes that have been raised in isolated lab settings with no opportunity for contextual learning. This is both unfair and just mean.

Musicians Make Better Decisions

Turns out maybe my parents were right to insist I learned a musical instrument as a child, but they were off with the timing. Adults who took music lessons starting in later childhood (age 9 or later) performed better on a decision-making game than those who st…

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