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Inspiration! Roundup: Elizabeth Gilbert's Writing Advice, Hate Copy, Tiny Ecosystems, and More!

How to Write

I super love Elizabeth Gilbert's ten writing tips. Especially the first one: pick someone you love and imagine you are telling the story to them. Can't wait to try this one!

Hate Copy

I may have shared the work of Maria Qamar in the past - her Instagram art is bomb - but even if I have, she deserves a second look. At the age of 29, she has become the youngest artist ever programmed at Richard Traittinger Gallery.

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Tiny Ecosystems

A Youtuber created a mini-ecosystem by putting some seawater, sand, and plants in a jar and sealing it off. The coolest things happened. Now I want to do it!

You Are Magic

Lori Nelson's art gets my imagination into high gear. Let's look at it for a while.

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