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Learning! Roundup: Napping for Life, Dateless Wonders, Consequences of Policing, and More!

Napping for Life

I am not a nap-taker. I rarely am able to fall asleep during the day, and even if I am that tired, I feel so unwell after a nap that it doesn't seem worth it. It's too bad, because every once in a while a new study comes out touting the benefits of napping. This time, it's been shown that napping 1-2 times a week could help reduce your risk of a heart attack!

The Dateless Wonders Are Alright

If this study had been done twenty years ago, I could have been a participant: new research looked at teenagers who can't (or don't) get a date to see if they were more socially awkward or depressed than their peers. Turns out, they're not! Teens who don't date had equal or better social skills and mental health to those who are getting out there. That's nice.

Consequences of Policing

A new study shows that even smaller-scale interactions with the justice system can have negative effects on people's mental and physical health. This includes people…

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