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Inspiration! Roundup: Doing Ridiculous Things With Ferocity, Making Things That Disappear, and More!

Doing Ridiculous Things With Ferocity I don't know where this gif came from (please let me know if you have the source!) but it brought so much joy to my heart! Who has a weird thing they just want to do but it doesn't even make sense??? LET'S GO DO IT!!!

Make Things That Disappear Speaking of just going and doing things, I read this article from Scientific American about how it is beneficial for people who struggle with perfectionism to make things that they know will disappear. Sandcastles, snowmen, carved pumpkins, playdough creations, forts, lego, even baking and cooking that will ultimately be consumed.

I love it. I love the idea of making a thing just for the fun of it, and not worrying about the result too much because the result will disappear. (Heck, this is one of the things I love about live performance, although it's a little more loaded than making a bear out of playdough.)

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