Learning! Roundup: Less Nutritious Rice, Imbalanced Sentences, Scary Velvet Ants, Out of Body Experiences, and More!

Climate Change Leads to Less Nutritious Food

One more thing to worry about in our post-apocalyptic future: rising CO2 levels lead to decreased nutritional value in rice. If you think, "oh that's not such a big deal", then you aren't one of the billions of people whose diet relies on rice. This is a major problem, not only for the countries whose cuisine is rice-based but also poor people all over the world who can only afford to eat rice.

Sentence Imbalance

A new Harvard Law study has shown that judges who are appointed by Republican presidents give longer sentences to black people and shorter sentences to women. To be clear, neither are fair situations. Also, I am not clear on how black women fit into this assessment. Do they get lighter sentences for being female, longer ones for being black, or do the judges just split the difference?

Beware the Velvet Ant

Just so you know, the scariest insect may not be a scorpion or black widow, but an ant. The female velvet ant h…

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