The hardest part of becoming an adult

When people talk about adulting, they usually are referring to doing grown-up, responsible-type things: paying bills, having a conversation with your boss about quitting instead of running away, doing taxes, cooking healthy meals for the week. Stuff like that.

I think there is a much greater challenge to being an adult: as your major life questions settle down, there are no updates to share.

When I see friends and we ask each other what's going on in our lives, it's always met with some version of a shrug and "I don't know, same old, I guess?"

It's not even that we have boring lives! We see plays! We read interesting books! We go out on weeknights! We have creative projects! We climb mountains! We have challenging careers! We do things that should be interesting to discuss, except that we've been doing these things for a while, so they aren't particularly newsworthy anymore.

When nothing major has changed in your life for some time (same job, same ho…

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