Action Items: Things to Do To Help Fight Evil and Save the World

Action Items are notes from the "Let's Save the World" committee meetings in my head. A collection of some news items and articles that may fire up a desire for action, and then at least one suggested action item to follow up. It won't be comprehensive of every single thing in the world and all the ways to fix it, but it will be something, and something is better than nothing.

Some of the Things That Are Happening:

It's pow-wow season! You know what that means: settlers trying to take inappropriate photos of Indigenous people in their regalia. Here is an open letter from one Indigenous woman to the woman who didn't listen when she said, "no."

ACTION ITEM: If you want to take a picture of ANYONE (but especially an Indigenous person in regalia), first look and listen for hints of whether it's an appropriate action, THEN ask permission, and THEN respect their answer! If you notice someone else taking inappropriate photos, say, "Hey, I don't …

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Action Items: Things to Do to Help Fight Evil and Save the World

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