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Learning! Roundup: Tea Benefits, Heartbeats, Talking to Kids About Race, and More!

Tea Benefits

Tea drinkers, rejoice with me! Habitually drinking tea throughout your life is good for your brain! Specifically, it positively impacts the connectivity of our brains, making them more efficient over time.

In a Heartbeat

Here's a wild one: if an obstacle appears on the road at the same moment that your heart beats, you may be more likely to have an accident. Turns out that the effort our hearts put into squeezing blood out can actually impair our reaction time and even memory!

Talking to Kids About Race

If you've got kids in your life and are wondering at what age to talk to them about race, the answer is from the beginning. Here is a great slideshow summarizing our current knowledge of what children perceive about race at different developmental stages. For example, babies almost instantly start preferring people with the same skin colour as their caregivers, and by 2.5 years old kids start using race to choose their playmates.

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