Singalong! Volcano Girls by Veruca Salt

Everyday is the right day to put the grrrr in grrrrl with some 90's alt-girl rock.

VOLCANO GIRLS by Veruca Salt
Leave me, lying here. Cause I don't wanna go. [x2]
Tell me, tell me what you really want from me. You gotta let me know. I'm falling off and I need you terribly. One down and one to go. Volcano Girls, we really can't be beat. Warm us up and watch us blow. But now and then we fail and we admit defeat. We're falling off, we are watered down and fully grown.
Leave me, lying here. Cause I don't wanna go. [x2]
A million miles of running and I hit the wall, I bounce back and I run some more. But this is it, I'm giving up, I'm calling quits. So get down and meet me on the floor. Way to go, way to flip off everyone. I steal your thunder then I try to bolt. But I could stand a little pity now and then. I'm falling off, I am watered down and fully grown.
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