Taking Songs Too Seriously: As Long as You Love Me

The Backstreet Boys weren't exactly known for their lyrical greatness, but I still think that if you have a team of professionals writing your songs, they should be able to stand up to some scrutiny.

For the sake of simplicity, this analysis won't even delve into the weird music video, where the boys of the backstreets transform some intelligent-looking women into fun fantasy ladies. Let's focus on the song lyrics instead.

My main beef with As Long as You Love Me is pretty much the main point of the song:

"I don't care who you are / Where you're from / What you did / As long as you love me"

Really? You don't care ANYTHING about this person or their past?

First of all, this demonstrates a very low level of interest in the person at all. I realize that small talk on dates can be a bit dull, but we ask people where they are from in order to learn more about them. If you don't even care who they are... What do you care about? Are you the worst date eve…

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