Inspiration! Roundup: A Wish for My Love, Holiness, Little Mountains, Lorna Simpson, and More!

A Wish for My Love

"Let my love be as pure as it can be, given without expectation, offered without condition, shared as widely as possible, as deeply as possible, in the form and shape it should take, to embrace children, to respect elders, to welcome the stranger, to be faithful to friends, to treasure the ones I hold most precious, so that I may be a source of strength, a trust unbroken, a spiritual companion, a healer conscious of the need that surrounds me, until love becomes my own heart, beating in time with the Spirit, breathing the pure air of a distant but ever present promise."
—Steven Charleston

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Tiny Mountains

Silent Dinners

I am intrigued and a bit terrified by the idea of a silent dinner. A three course meal where you eat, with companions, where you are requested to not use words/your voice, write things down, use technology, or make noise for at least two hours. In their words, …

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