FOMO vs. Values

If you've never heard of FOMO, then I expect you've already mastered it. You are off living your life, enjoying what comes without worrying too much about the things that don't, secure in your place in the world.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting here, watching you rock your life, experiencing FOMO: fear of missing out.

Recently I came across a suggestion to help reduce FOMO when it hits: check it against your values.

In this case, the values I am referring to are where you want to focus your time and efforts. Are you in a phase of life where career is paramount? Time with family? Friends? (Which friends?) Is school or personal growth the most important thing to you right now?

Here's how it can help: if your values right now are centred mostly around family or friends, then you can use that as a buffer against career-related FOMO. Instead of feeling left out because you aren't working on that new project (or worse, letting fear drive you to volunteer for it ev…

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