Singalong! Proud by Tegan and Sara

Apparently old school Tegan and Sara is one of my favourite things to sing along to, because this is my third hit with them. This song came on my Spotify the other day and I honestly got a bit carried away with the message of the thing. Fight for things! Be proud! Be strong!

PROUD by Tegan and Sara
Freedom and blood I make my mark and fight for tomorrow Finally I've got something Something I can raise my voice for Fine tell them who you really want Fine well you'll get yours and I'll get mine Proud I'm proud to be, proud to see They said proud I'm proud to be, proud to be me They said tell me, oh you've got to tell me
Freedom's rough So we take our stand and fight for tomorrow Finally we got something Something we can bring down the house with Fine tell them who you think you are Fine tell them fine is what you are
And when you finally figure out what it is you need You better think of me No, no, no, no
When I get up I feel the rhythm in my fingers I get up…

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