Learning! Roundup: Finding Love in a Hopeless Place (the internet), The Big Five Personality Types, Friendship Increasing Bone Density, and More!

Finding Love in a Hopeless Place

It's finally happened: people are meeting less and less through friends and more and more online. For the first time ever, online is the most common way that couples meet each other, with the only other meeting method that has increased alongside it being meeting at a bar or restaurant. Every other way to meet a partner (through friends, in school, at work, in the neighbourhood) is on the decline. This is too bad, because dating apps are decidedly not fun.

The Big Five Personality Types

For a while now, there has been one personality testing metric that was considered scientifically accurate: the "Big Five". There are many different tests for it, but they score people on what are considered the five universal, core personality traits: extraversion, agreeableness, openness to experience, conscientiousness, and neuroticism. Now it looks like these traits, and tests that look for them, are not actually universal across cultures. Back to squar…

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