Learning! Roundup: The Best Pick Up Lines, Teen Phone Addiction, Just Another Detox, and More!

The Best Pick Up Lines
Are you a straight woman looking to pick up some straight men? A new study has your back for what kind of pick-up line you should use. In general, men responded best to really straightforward lines from women. Of course, the attractiveness of the woman comes into play: the better looking you are, the less it matters what you say to get a guy's attention. If you are less conventionally attractive, a more flippant line works best.

Teen Phone Addiction
We recently discussed how social media is not ruining teenagers' lives. Well, we also now can show that we are more into the idea that they are addicted to their phones than they actually are addicted to their phones.

Just Another Detox
Detoxes in generally are malarky--at least when it comes to any demonstrable toxin-removing benefits. Now we know that digital detoxes, where people abstain from social media, don't actually increase their well-being. This is one of the only experiments looking at causation …

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