Recommended Read: Finding Out Someone Dated You On a Dare

Everyone should read this article, I Found Out a Guy Was Dating Me On a Dare.

Spoiler alert: this is not a rom com where they wind up in love.

Finding out that a guy was dating you, not because he liked you, or even thought he might like you if he got to know you, but because of a dare from his friends to "pull a pig", or have sex with a fat girl, is pretty much the worst thing.

Or is it worse to publicly share your experience and then have a bunch of men come at you on Twitter to tell you that it's your fault because you are fat and disgusting and you should "fix yourself"?

"Dating as a plus-size woman, you see, is an exercise rooted more in patience and frustration than in romance. When you are not being ignored by prospective interests, you are either subjected to humiliation and abuse or you are fetishised for your weight. Either way, the abject failure to consider the feelings of the plus-size women in these situations is just another example of the w…

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