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Learning! Roundup: Act Your (Pretend, Much Younger) Age, Gun Convenience, Gender-Neutral Pronouns Work, and More!

Act Your (Pretend, Much Younger) Age It turns out that after the age of 25, you are increasingly likely to think of yourself as younger than you actually are, and that's a good thing! Feeling like you're younger than you are is correlated with living longer. (Of course, remember that's correlation, not causation! It could be that healthier people think of themselves as younger. But still, it's fun to feel younger than you are, right?)
Gun Convenience Violence in the home is already known to be more likely to turn deadly if there is a gun present, but now it's also shown that having guns easily and legally available nearby has the same effect. So basically, if it's easy to get a gun in your hands while you're still mad at your partner, you are more likely to kill them.
Gender-Neutral Pronouns... Work??? Four years ago, the Swedes decided to introduce a new gender-neutral pronoun, instead of just using "they" as a singular pronoun. Guess what??? It…

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