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Try This: Make an 'I Don't' List

Do you feel a constant need to do everything? Like, everyyyyythiiinnngggg?

No pressure, but there are about five billion things you should be doing to Live Your Best Life and you also should be taking the time to reflect on all of them to become an elevated being.

Orrrrrr... you could just not.

Enter the 'I Don't' list, created by Australian blogger Mama Mia. It's a list of things you don't do, or worry about, so that you can have a nice, sane life that is actually fulfilling instead of scrambling around, trying to be (or at least appear) fulfilling.

I LOVE THIS. It sets you free. It means that when you see an article, ad, or social media post that reminds you of some aspect of Having it All you are missing, you can remind yourself, "Nope, I don't do that", and move on with your day.

My I Don't List:

I don't make particularly fancy or even "nice" meals.

I don't go out of my way to shop organic. (Mostly due to money, but still.)

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