Can't Be Trusted

You know when people say, "I can't be trusted around X," where X is probably some kind of delicious food but may be another vice?
And then, because we can't be trusted with it, we develop a complex set of rules in our lives to control our access to it? We hide it, freeze it in a block of ice, never keep it in the house, make ourselves to exercise before we consume it, go on cleanses or fasts or abstain for a month at a time, tell ourselves what days or what times we are allowed to have it?

On one hand, great. If that feels good for you, great.
On the other hand, I have a "what if?"
What if... we learned to trust ourselves?
Not that we learn to trust that our will is iron-clad and we will never overdo it when it comes to X because we now inherently follow these rules, but to actually be in tune with our bodies, with our wants and needs, with compassion, and so trust ourselves to do whatever is actually right for us.
It's harder at the outset. It's more complicated. But living life where you can trust yourself seems a lot more enjoyable than a life with a bunch of arbitrary rules to keep ourselves in line.

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