This Week in Church: Vocation, climbing mountains, and the Daily Examine

Cute! Roundup: Bum hugs, George the Rescue Wombat, jerboas, and more!

Singalong! Quiet by MILCK (with the GW Sirens and Capital Blend)

Oh Keto, why can't I quit you? (Oh wait, yes I can! BYE!)

Learning! Roundup: Smart octopi, vampire bats, no more fillings, alchemy, and more!

After the March

Me & Ryan Gosling that time we tried to start a family dance troupe

You say "Let's Talk" about depression and mental health? Cool, then let's get into it. #BellLetsTalk

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#AlternativeFacts: Jump on in!

Cute! Roundup: Piglet jump, tiny things, and a dog who thinks he's people

Singalong! Bonus: Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

Singalong! None of Your Business by Salt-n-Pepa

Getting Ready for the Women's March

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This Week in Church: Grenzbegrifflich, Knowing Yourself, and Eye Contact

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Living in La La Land

Cute! Roundup: Tiny puppies, existential angst, and more!

Singalong! Please Be Good To Me by Sarah Slean

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It's the end of the world as we know it! (And I feel fine.)

Me and Ryan Gosling going ice skating

Inspiration! Roundup: Creative until you die, boys in make up, Bowie's books, and more!