Inspiration! Roundup: Baltering, femininity, silent protests, and more!

This week's "I want to go to there":
Writing, anywhere really. On a hill, sure that seems nice.

More Baltering!

To balter is to dance gracelessly, without particular art or skill, but perhaps with some enjoyment.

Come on folks, get your balter on!


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Fake Library Patrons

At many libraries, books are only kept in circulation if they are being taken out. If they are ignored for too long, then they are taken off the shelf and re-purchased if and when they are requested.

A couple of librarians didn't want to see the classics removed from their shelves due to low interest, so they created a fake patron who checked out 2,361 books in a year!

Okay, I realize that these librarians broke rules and ultimately what they did isn't particularly admirable, but I am also totally inspired by their guts and creative thinking and maybe it IS admirable!

Silent Protest

I am about to attend my city's version of the Women's March on Washington, because even though I don't even live in America, I feel like I need to be a part of the rebellion. As I prepare for protest, I am inspired by these silent protests in Turkey.

Pretty Big Movement

The dance world still seems to be reserved for young skinny people, which is entirely ridiculous. It is a skill that anyone can learn and love. Need proof? Check out Pretty Big Movement, a dance company for full-figured women, and they ROCK!

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Palestinian Refugee Stories as Comics 

I can't give enough love to comic artist Leila Abdelrazaq and her work documenting the lives of Palestinian refugees. I want these books!

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