This Week in Church: Grace and Fear

I have been going to church for more or less my entire life, and lately I haven't really been feeling "it" - whatever that means. I do believe, though, that every church service has some take-away that is good for everyone to consider, no matter their religious background. In an attempt to better connect with the goodness church has to offer, without needing fuzzy spiritual feelings, I will share my take-aways.

This week in church, we talked about grace.

Specifically, it was a community sharing week, where people were invited to get up and share where they had experienced grace in the past year, or where they needed grace now. I didn't get up and share (goodness me, I save all my really personal revelations for strangers on the internet, thanks you.)

What is grace? There was no fancy church definition, but I think of grace as love, acceptance, and help where I don't necessarily deserve it.

One of my favourite things is when church reminds me that I need more than myself - that I am not a god or superhero or shining perfectly-self-sufficient human. Sure, I am capable, but without the grace of others (and maybe God?), where would I actually be?

I feel like spiritual engagement means walking a line between recognizing that I am a glorious miracle who is loved in her wholeness AND that I am incomplete and oh so needy. Somehow, I get to be both.

This week in church, we talked about fear.

In a very simple way: someone (the pastor? I actually don't remember) asked, "What are you afraid of?"

A lot. I am afraid of so much. I had a short bout of empty time in the afternoon and started making a list of the things I am afraid of. The magical power of writing and naming my fears lifted some of their power over my heart and brain, and that was pretty spectacular.

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