Winter Lights: A plea

Let's stop calling them Christmas lights and start calling them WINTER lights.

Last year I noticed that some households were keeping their Christmas lights up far into January, and even the beginning of February. This year the trend seems to be continuing.

Historically, this has been called tacky and other bad things, but I am here with a proposal: let's just stop calling them Christmas lights, and then we don't have to worry about tackiness.

From this day forward, they are WINTER LIGHTS, bringing light and warmth into a dark and sad time that extends far beyond one holiday. By renaming them, we'll remove any implications of the tacky and open our arms wide to the extra light, inviting it to pierce through our hearts, cold and blackened by the long, dark, frigid nights.

Seriously, though, when I see lights up in January, they lift my spirits, just a little.

So let's do it! Let's start putting up (and keeping up) winter lights to help brighten the inky blackness.

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